Hijabifying Your Style - neck/chest scarves

Eileen Fisher Cotton Voile Shibori Wrap
from Bloomingdales

Kalamkari print square scarf from eShakti

Antique Floral Print Scarf from Forever21

Neck and chest coverage is in - and has been in for over a year! Even the veil fashion models have joined in on this one. So we have no excuse not to wrap it up! The best thing about the trend is that its very mainstream-chic, which means thats you'll blend in more for a change! How often does this happen to a hijabi, really???!!!

Take advantage of this style fenom. You can go by just about any ladies shop and find a slew of scarves, or you can bust out your old square/oblong scarves and keffiyas. You dont have to drop a grand on this accessory craze...and you'll be adding to your modesty :) No excuse not to cover up "the girls" now!

Cover with Faith, Style and Modesty!



  1. OH yeah!!! i completely agree and the middle scarf is really cute. We never get to blend in. Im all over this one.

  2. I second what Amina said. No reason not to take advantage of this style :)

  3. Absolutely. I think anything that adds to our modesty while appealing to mainstream fashion is a plus. it might even open the channels of communication. :)

  4. You've been tagged! Lol, check out my blog for details


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