Summer 2009 Hijab Styles by Rana Marzouk and Yassmin Mohsen

Bring in summer with these trendy hiab styles from Rana Marzouk and Yassmin Mohsen! Chic and stylish, this season's styles are all about relaxed glamour.Rana wears a loose turban style with one side draped over her shoulder, while Yassmin sports a criss-cross wrap that flows down her back. Enjoy! :)

Cover with Faith, Style and Modesty!



  1. salaam 3alikum.
    Can you perhaps, provide a hijab detail on how the sister in the black hijab does her hijab? (pic 2 and 4) please? jazallah khair.

  2. Loveee ranas styleeee wud love to know hw she dus tht
    mahshallah they look beautiful!

  3. OMGosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please make a tutorial for Rana's hijab style! JAK!

  4. Salaamz All! Thanks so much. Insha Allah, i'll try to make a how-to video today :)Thanks for all the positive vibes!

    peace and luv

  5. salaam 3alikum.
    I just checked your video upon youtube. could you perhaps like, show how it looks from the back?? and perhaps a guide of step-to-step on it?

    jzllah khair.

  6. Again, me. sorry.

    i was wondering if you also know how to do this style of hijab?


    insh2llah the pic somes up. jazallah khair


Salaam All,

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