Beautiful Trendy HijabiCaps - Trendy Premade Hijab/Turbans

Go from drab to fab in an instant. Ladies love the easy to wear fashionable. HijabiCap which just slips on over the head.The Hijabs are made of chiffon and are beautifully accented with zigzag rows of metallic sparkle dots. Gives you great volume! The hijab has a padded foam headband for a clean finished look and a good secure hold across the forehead. A matching rosette is attached to one side. The chiffon extends down on both sides of the head which makes 2 long sashes for either wrapping to cover the neck, braiding with a scarf or shawl, or allow them to hang at the sides. The hem is trimmed in matching wispy satin ribbon so that the edges have a soft curly effect.

New! Knit Jersey Abayas

This is a must have for every closet. Flattering, dressy, elegant yet simple and sophisticated. This is a new trend in abaya fashions! Beautiful Draping! A modern take on a modest staple! Made with soft knit jersey like fabric. Perfect as an evening gown!


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Gorgeous New Trendy Dubai Abayas in for Ramadan 2103

Love these gorgeous brand new Dubai Abaya Styles? These styles are great for iftars or even EID! be trendy, be cute and be modest!!! :)


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Khaleeji Volume Hijab Accessories - Ramadan 2013

The new Khaleeji HijabiCap Poofs are a revolutionary design - the caps flatters the shape of the head by rounding out the hijab in the back. Attached to the back of the cap is a large spiral flower of tulle (light-weight fine netting) fabric when covered with a hijab makes the back look naturally rounder and and fuller without looking like a hump. This really helps you style your hijabs in the trendy khaleeji way.
The full size cap is large enough to cover down to the earlobes and over the forehead. Hijab caps are made from polyester with a touch of spandex which is light, stretchy and comfortable. An elastic band at the back of the neck to gently hold the hijab cap in place. The headband has a thin padded foam insert to give a little lift off the forehead instead of sitting flat. The forehead area is beautifully accented with mini rhinestones.

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Hijab Bling for Spring! :)

Love these cute Hijab Pins/ Forehead Bling? Get these and other beautiful pieces now @ Hijabi Style Fashion Shop!


2012 Turkish Hijab Tutorial. Gorgeous!

Gorgeous Turkish Hijab Style!!!

Hijab Flash Sale - $3.00 Hijabs and Pins!

Get into summer with these beautiful, breezy chiffon wrap hijabs. Perfect for draping and styling loosly in layers - these keep you chic and cool!

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Chic Summer Chiffon Hijabs!

Get these gorgeous chic summer chiffon hijabs now! Beautiful, elegant and perfect for draping trendy summer hijab styles!

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Double Layer Flower Pashmina Hijab Tutorial :D

Another pretty and unique hijab design by 'the Girlie Stuff'. I love this style because it uses an off center peak on the forehead. the layers are elegant and feminine. Has a flower on the side. Great for parties or dressy events, like Eid!!!

Need hijabs to create this look?

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Shimmery Beaded Eid 2011 Hijabs

Delicate, sophisticated and gorgeous is the best way to describe this hijab. Has shiny filaments running through the length of the piece. Adorned with beautiful beading, fit for a queen. This piece really catches the light. Lightweight and easy to style - an HS favorite.

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Eid Hijab Tutorial - 2 Hijab Unique Wrap!

I just loveeeeeeee the Girlie Stuff's dressy hijab tutorial. Its unique, chic and modest! Good stuff. Try it out yourself and tell us what you think!

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Crystal Dubai Abayas - Eid 2011

Gorgeous Alina Satin Abaya has sparkles concentrated on the sleeves and down the front of the gown. This piece has a zipper closure. Made of shiny satin, its perfect for special occasions.

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Sleek Nisreen Khaleeji Abaya is made of soft supple crepe. This piece has a unique design - adorning embroidery and shiny studs make it perfect for both special occasions and everyday wear. Imported.

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Gorgeous Crystal Satin Butterfly Abaya features a rhinestone belt and butterfly style sleeves. The belt from the inside tightens abaya at the waist, slightly beneath the bust. This beautiful gown also has band of stones on the ends of both sleeves. Perfect for special occasions - think EID!!!!. Imported.

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Beautiful Dhala Evening Stone Abaya has beautiful multi colored on the sleeves body of the piece. Made of silky Japanese Crepe. Perfect of special occasions, this piece is the epitome of class. Imported.

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Beautiful New Turkish Hijab and Jilbab Styles from Kayra

Love these beautiful and modest hijab and jilbab styles by Kayra. The jilbabs are a little snug on the models, but im sure going one or two sizes up would give a perfect fit. Find their fashions here: Kayra


Hat's and Hijab - Fashion Do or Don't?

Combining hats and scarves as been around for a while. What do you think? Do you like the look, or take a pass? :)