Hijabi Style's Stylin' Sisters: Syeda Asma

Our new column Stylin' Sisters - these are proud Hijabi's that ive met in my day to day life. These Sister's have great style and i just thought id share them with you!

Sister Syeda Asma: "i started wearing the hijab about 10 months ago..so im fairly new to the concept and my only regret is why i didn't start earlier..Alhamdulillah! My style is dependent upon my mood...but no matter what i always try to keep myself looking up-to-date...essentials to making any outfit stylish: some chic sunglasses..a nice handbag..and at least one piece of jewelry...my favorite is layering different bracelets and bangles!"

Isn't she gorgeous Masha Allah?

Cover with Faith, Style and Modesty!



  1. its very chic isnt it? i love the use of color here. the aqua and the black together look great! :)

  2. wow! She looks stunning Masha Allah! How did she do that wrap? id really like to learn in!

    thanks :)

  3. good morning all!

    this Stylin'Sister's pic is awesome.

    and her hijab design rocks! i totally see what you picked her. Its soooooooo pretty and the colors are striking together.



Salaam All,

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