Madiha's Latest Hijab Tutorials Are Finally Here!

Madiha M.K.(youtube hijabi fashion guru extraordinaire and owner of the HijabulousTV channel)has come out with two great new how - to videos! Yay! :) Try them out and see what you think! I love that her styles cover the neck. Chic and stylin' as always.

Cover with Faith, Style and Modesty!



  1. Thanks for posting my stuff! yay!! :D

    And btw I did not design this look! It's by Either Randa Shier, Sahar Salman or Yasmine Mohsen, but nonetheless it's a trend here.

  2. cant decide which one i like more... :)

    both are nice and i like the draped look.

  3. Both are nice? I'm confused lol. Oh maybe you mean the one in the beginning and the one I'm teaching?

  4. Do these meet the conditions for hijab? they are very flashy and attract alot of attention. Maybe this should go under Mahram and ladies-only?

  5. crystalveil: no not really. these are best for ladies and mahram events. hijab in public shouldn't attract extra attention - even if its stylish. its best to be cautious and remember what the point of hijab in public is all about. :)

  6. oh btw that vid on the bottom was just an introductory video for the channel, with the intro for my vids in it. They are symbols of chic hijab, not that my channel will be of only showing you how to do those photos and such! I have many great originals coming up too isA :).

  7. Thanks for all the comments guys. glad you like em! :)

  8. Salamings! Just scrolled to say woot, Madiha works with us on www.Muslimness.com, she's our full time fashionista diva, masha'allah.
    Lovin' the hijabloggin'.

    www.muslimness.com =)


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