Hijab Snags - Hijab at the Gym

Today exercise and staying in shape are apart of most people's routine. Gone are the post-permanent baby weight days where moms just kept the extra pounds referring to it as "extra character" or "more of me to love." Women nowadays, mom's especially want to look great pre and post baby(s). So hitting the gym, pool or bike trail has become common place. But with exercise, comes sweat. And a sweaty head with a damp scarf on isn't exactly comfortable, or cute.

How to remedy this problem? First, choose a hijab made of breathable material. Alot of the synthetic ones are going to hold moisture in and end up making you feel like you've been standing in the rain. 100% cotton is the best, but a stretchy jersey will also work pretty well. Second, choose a style that is comfortable and slip free. The last thing you need when on the treadmill is for your hijab to come loose. Then as you are simultaneously trying to slow the speed of the machine and reposition your scarf you stab yourself with a hijab pin! Ouch! So slip free, pin free styles work the best.

Our gym-worthy commendation: One or Two piece Al Amira Hijabs! These look like hoods, are are worn by simple pulling them over your head. No need for hijab pins or constant adjustment. Cool, and comfortable. You can run off your baby weight, weight train, or practice yoga to your heart's delight without ever worrying about hijab again. Happy trails!

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