Indonesian Hijab Fashion

Spring 2009 brings many new hijab options in the Asian Hijab Fashion Market. These cute looks were done by Busana Muslim Filendra, out of Indonesia. Super cute looks, and great for warmer weather!

Asian hijabs come in many varieties, but my favorite is the Hijabicap. These caps are pre-made in many vibrant colors and designs. Most come with neck cover ties, but to be sure you get enough coverage,you might also want an al amira overtube or neck cover underneath. Enjoy!

Want to get the Indonesian Hijabicap Look?

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  1. these are sooooo cute! i didnt know we could get these here!

  2. wow.. these are so cool & elegant, i like the pink one. i have visiting http://www.Filendra.com , they have so many cute hijabi style.. Great work

  3. I see a lot of Egyptian fashion creativity going on here. But more simple n chic :).


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