New Hijabicap Style at AMEA :)

omgosh...i love this design. This new hijabicap style - Madeline, is sooooo cute and comfy to wear! Its made of stretchy fabric that leaves plenty of room from your hair...and still has long enough neck covers that you probebly wont need an al amira or high neckline.

"Trendy new Madeline Hijabicap style has slightly padded iridescent brim and attached neckcovers. This style is easily worn by simply putting it on like a hat and tucking in your hair. Wrap the neck covers around your neck or style them as you desire. A chic and versatile look you're going to love!"

want more great hijabicap styles? get them here!

Cover with Faith, Style and Modesty!


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  1. i just bought one too!!! :) I heard they only have a few left and that was a week ago when i got mine. It is soooooooo nice! I love that i dont have to worry about covering my neck with this style. The wraps are defi generous enough to cover my neck well! :) Great tip!!!!


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