How to wear hijab - Trendy Fall 2009 Design by Amenakin

Hello Hijabi Fashionistas! Today we're bringing you another awesome youtube hijabi stylist Amena (aka Amenakin). Her designs are very trendy, and you wont find them on all the other sisters in the masala! For you ladies who like a little hijab volume, this is a sister to watch! Her vids are very easy to follow, and her styles are quite chic. You're gonna love her!!! Enjoy :)

for more of her great how-to-hijab vids, visit her youtube channel: Amenakin :)

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Cover with Faith, Style and Modesty!



  1. THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! thanks for postin :)

  2. please post more of her styles!!!

  3. love this one! I like the volume she gets. i have a small head...and that works really well. yay.

  4. I just tried this. Its SO CUTE. And really easy. Its a little hard to get it to stay on your head without the front of your hair showing though. Must take practice.

  5. LK- i totally agree! I needed an underscarf to make it work. My hair is very slippery and things slide all over if i dont wear one with almost every look. I prefer the tie back bone style the best, just because its adjustable.

    Glad you like it!

    Dua's All!


Salaam All,

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