UAE Abaya Bling Bling

Abayas with bling - a controversial covering in some parts of the of Gulf. In Dubai, abayas that have jewels, lace, and other ornate applique are considered apart of the daily fashion routine for many Sisters there. While in other parts of the Gulf like Saudi Arabia, these abayas are considered too flashy for public wear.

The first video i believe is a snippet from a BBC documentary on abaya/fashion in the Gulf. The second is a fashion show from i don't know where with GORGEOUS bling bling abayas.

So does bing on an abaya negate its purpose? What do you think?

Cover with Faith, Style and Modesty!



  1. I think it depends on the society.

    If bright colors and applique are apart of the traditional/daily dress - and therefore abayas like this would blend in and not stand out and attract extra attention....i think its ok.

    On the other hand, if abayas like this would attract extra attention because the daily dress code is more subdued...then maybe it would be too bling bling for outside.

    thanks for letting me share my oppinion :)

    love your blog.

  2. i dont think these are ok for wearing in public. they are designed to attract attention - why add all the bling, shine and bright colors if you dont want people to look at you?

    really pretty though! nice post!

    p.s. i like your hijab fashion disclaimer :)

  3. looks like there is already a debate going...

    "to bling or not to bling" - that is the question. LOL ;D

    sorry i couldn't resist.

    very pretty abayas!

  4. Anon - lol you're very witty!

    Keep the dialog going. I love to hear your opinions!

    thanks and peace all.


  5. I'm not really into black abayas with bling i prefer more colorful modern type abayas but pretty nontheless :D


  6. i think these are great for special occasions only. Walking down the street during the day in bling bling against black material is just attention seeking.


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