New Summer Style Idea - Kimono Sleeve Maxi Dresses!

Paisley Print Kimono Sleeve Maxi Dress on Ebay

Black large print paisley kimono sleeve maxi dress

Abstract print kimono sleeve maxi dress

I love these because they offer more coverage than the traditional strappy (or strapless) style maxi dress. All these styles were found on Ebay, a Sister's best friend for great fashion finds. Ebay rocks. Happy shopping! :)

Hijabistyle Shopper Tip: When searching Ebay, narrow down the results by using the key words: "maxi dress kimono"

If you just search "maxi dress", you're gonna end of with about 7,000 listings.

* a nice kimono sleeve maxi dress isnt very expensive at all. Expect to pay around $35.00 - $45.00 with shipping. A pretty sweet deal. :)

Cover with Faith, Style and Modesty!


  1. sooooooooo cute!. i kept shying away from the maxi dresses because of the straps! I just thought the whole straps over the body top thing was a bit much. This a an awesome alternative!!! thanks so much.

  2. These dresses are wonderful. I actually own one from ebay and its soooo comfortable. A long sleeved shirt looks great under these dresses almost like it was meant to have long sleeves unlike the strappy maxis that are so popular. You can wear them almost all year round and are so fashionable.

  3. Me too! :) I also like the navy dress she's wearing. Its different but cute.

    pass4sure 70-513

  4. I especially want the first two! Such cute summery florals, they make me believe their is hope of winter ending!

  5. I love these!! Do you think I can wear this with a pair of sleevies? Curious...


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