Hijab Q n A - Clearing up some basic misunderstandings of Islam and the Hijab.

From time to time, I receive condescending posts from bloggers . Below is a post from the ever-present Anonymous who is in need of a little TLC. Instead of deleting this ( my usual procedure for posts of this nature), I decided to respond to this individual's grave misunderstandings about Islam, Muslim Sisters, the Hijab and yes Sharia Law....omgosh She's going there! - Yes, in this case, dispelling these misunderstandings and beliefs is important to foster compassion, understanding and tolerance amongst people of all faiths and persuasions. How can people learn to co-exist if we don't open up and try to learn about each other? In the end, our differences make us colorful and beautiful. The world would be a pretty boring place if everyone was 'purple' - dont you think? I prefer the full spectrum of the rainbow :)

From Anonymous on May 2nd at 3:15am:

“I found your blog very amusing (-:
So would you please let us know in which Islamic state these nice garments can be used? (Islamic state is a country where Sharia Law are executed)
After escaping my country because of Islam its very funny to see how you think Islam is just Hijab and a ban on pork and alcohol!
Anyway the irony is that they can wear these just in secular countries or those try to be secular!
how is it Islam is something I can't understand!
maybe you should check them with some Imams or Moftys!”

As there was so much to address, I have posted my responses line by line.

1.“So would you please let us know in which Islamic state these nice garments can be used? (Islamic state is a country where Sharia Law are executed)”

There are currently no countries in the world that follow Islamic standards of gov't or implement Sharia law the way it was intended – hence there are no true Islamic countries in the world. In a true Islamic state, a person of another faith could exist happily, freely, and peacefully with no fear of retaliation from anyone, much less the gov't because of their beliefs. Clearly wherever you lived, was not such a place.

2.“After escaping my country because of Islam its very funny to see how you think Islam is just Hijab and a ban on pork and alcohol!”

Reply 1 : where did I say any of that? Please search my entire blog, I have never stated such a simplistic misunderstanding of my Faith .

Reply 2:
Its very sad that you feel you had to “escape” your country. Let me clarify that Islam was not the problem. The problem was intolerance by a select few power-hungry people. This has nothing to do with Islam. Islam is practiced by humans – and humans are imperfect beings. A religion cannot chase a person down and oppress them, people can. Whomever made you feel that you had to leave, was not a Muslim. It would be like saying that Christianity made the people who perpetuated the Spanish Inquisition do so. A very silly notion.

3.“Anyway the irony is that they can wear these just in secular countries or those try to be secular!”

Reply: The pics and videos posted on this blog are from all over the world including: the USA, United Kingdom, Europe, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, the Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and China - to name a few. I have always stated that not all of the pics here illustrate images that meet the conditions for hijab. As my fashion disclaimer states : “many of these outfits are for Mahram/Ladies only events.” Islam is a religion for all people on earth, not a select few. Anyone can be a Muslim. Since i've already clarified that no country on earth is technically a “Muslim” country – im not sure where the “irony” lies.

4. “how is it Islam is something I can't understand!”

Reply: I sincerely don't know – that is between you and your Creator. Obviously you haven't been exposed to real Muslims or true Islam, for one. I would encourage you to learn about it from people who practice Islam in your new country. Learn about it from people like me, who believe that oppression and subjugation are wrong and have no place in Islamic societies, or ANY society for that matter.

5.“maybe you should check them with some Imams or Moftys!”

Reply 1: again, I never claimed that all these pics represent appropriate hijab. Please try to understand the difference between a beautiful fashion photo, and demure dress in public. It would be like someone saying that because this is a blog predominantly about veil fashion, that I couldn't post cute ideas about underwear, shoes or swimsuits.

Reply 2: I don't follow a “Mofty” or any particular set of Imams. Islam encourages everyone to seek knowledge. It encourages us to learn as much as we can about our faith. Im an American Sunni Muslim. I know enough about my faith to state that some of what is posted here, does not meet the conditions for hijab, this is not a point of contention that needs clarification. This again is why the “hijab fashion disclaimer” on my site exists and why the I posted the conditions for hijab.

Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to hopefully dispel some basic misunderstandings about Islam. Any time one can open up the channels of communication and learn about something new is great! Im am sorry that you are hurting and that you feel injured. I pray that God will soften your heart and ease your pain. I pray that He will help you find knowledge and understanding. I pray that you will become happy with yourself and your own beliefs, whatever they may be. I ask that the other Sisters on this site pray for you as well, and that God will give you peace and serenity. If you sincerely would like to learn more about Islam, I would be honored to help you.

Peace be with you Anonymous. You are in my prayers.

Cover with Faith, Style and Modesty!


  1. Oh this poor person seems so unhappy! May God give them peace and understanding. May He foster tolerance and peace in the world. I will pray for you!

    Great reply Modern Muslima! keep up the good work. :)

  2. Wow, Masha Allah awesome replies!

    I feel so bad for this lady....she seems so unhappy. Why is it that people think its ok to randomly attack others like this? Maybe its because she really hurting inside.

    Lets show this person lots of love. Insha Allah maybe she will show others the same in the future!

    Anonymous: me and my friends would also be very happy to teach you about Islam. I hope that with correct info, this hurt misunderstanding will go away. :)

    you're in our prayers!

  3. :D LOVE THE RESPONSE!!!! thanks for writing and clarifying those things. I get people regurgitating that kind of rhetoric too. :(

    I hope that one day people still stop propagating hate and intolerance, and start thinking of love, and a mutual respect for one another.

    Anonymous - you are in my Dua' May God give you peace and happiness.

  4. As a non-Muslim, i must say that i have learned alot from reading your posts. I agree that the person who paosted this comment must have been hurt bady my someone. My experiance with Muslims has been nothing but the best. I have always been treated with the utmost respect and decency. In general, people who are hateful do it out of sheer ignorance or the desire to inflict on on someone. I hope one day everyone will be able to live happy and peacfully. Thanks for the informative and kind response. If it had been a bash at me and my faith...i would have gone off! Good job for handling it so kindly. :)

  5. Jezek Allah Khair All. I really appriciate the support.

    FYI - Annonymous did write back.

    Their response was about what i expected based on the comments they originally posted.

    Anonymous at 4:03 am responsed:

    Typical Muslim. (-:
    Anyways, i wish you good luck and success.


    I guess all i can say at this point is at least the Huja is now imcombant upon this person. May Allah(swt) guide them, Amin.

    Even if someone lashes out, like in this situation, I believe its better to be kind. Indulging the outburst and yelling back is what they want.

    To Amina and Zeina: Just stay positive with your angry bloggers. They want you to get mad and engage in a fight. The anonymity of the web makes them think this kind of behavior is acceptable. Kill em with kindness ladies!!! :)


    New Topic!

    ...up next, more hijab fashion :)!!!


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