Spring Hijab Fashion Style Ideas

Here are some ideas for Spring outfits*. I LOVE the green in the bottom pic. Super chic. Mix and match your styles. Shake things up a bit!

Need hijabs to create the look?

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*outfits may need to be augmented to meet the criteria for hijab. :)


  1. OMG, the outfits are beautiful! Is there anywhere I can buy them???


  2. I know...they are really chic! Im trying to find the exact ones...right now i get by with reading hijab fashion magazines from Egypt, Turkey and Dubai, and shopping overseas.

    another idea is to buy dresses here in the US and pair them with pants. Alot of the upscale boutiques have styles similar to this. Definitely check them out.

    If i do find them i'll let you know! :)

  3. Salaams sisters,

    What make is this?
    Where can i buy it from?
    To they have a website i can visit for this?

  4. Assalamu alikum,

    Where can i find larger versions of these pictures?

    Please could you email me at erplav(at)gmail.com

    Also I want to feature some articles by you in a islamic mag.

    Please email me.


  5. ModernMuslima i am waiting for your reply :)...

    I did not get an email but you can reply here from my previous post.

    Jazakallah may allah reward you

  6. I have to say that I am LOVING your site!!! Keep it up girl! :)

  7. I am LOVING your page! Keep it up! :)


Salaam All,

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