Hijab Snags - My scarf is too sheer! Now what?

Hijab Snags is a new editorial section that we'll be offering to help fellow Sisters with common dresscode issues - like sheer scarves.

Senario: You're in hurry in the morning getting ready for school or work and as you're running out the door you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror....your scarf is see thru! Theres your hair peeking back out at you, as if to say...did you forget something???? Because it was darker in your room, you didnt notice just how sheer your scarf was when you were putting it on. Now in the light of day, you can see that you're going to have to turn around and go make an adjustment. As you hurry back to your room, you think...how didnt i notice this? what can i do in the future so that i dont have this problem again? I dont want to throw away this scarf, how can i make use of it while still observing hijab?

ANSWER: Consider layering a sheer scarf with a opaque one beneath it. Or wear an opaque underscarf and full neck cover. Or wear an al amira hijab beneath your sheer wrap.... there are soo many ways to overcome this problem with ease. Keep in mind that that the rest of your body should be covered appropriatly as well. :) Now in the future, the next time you grab a slightly-too-seethru hijab, you'll now know how to turn that piece into an appropriate hijab accessory. :)

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  1. Can you please show us how to wrap this style next??...its sooooo cute. Thanks!


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