Ayat Hijabicap

Absolutely chic Ayat Hijabicap. This Hijabicap style is made of an undercap (similar to our "Rose" Hijaicap)and a gorgeous attatched chiffon scarf. Topscarf has beautiful beading and sequin design. Also has attatched neck covers. There are several ways to style this hijabicap: tuck in the tail and tie the neckpieces beneath your bun, tuck in the tail and wrap the neck pieces around you neck and secure with a pin, or wear the tail piece out and wrap the neckscarves. A fast and easy style for parties, weddings and Eids. Makes a great gift. Show off your fashion sence!

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  1. this style is really nice! i bought a black and a lavender. wear em all the time. thanks so much :)


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