Fall 2008 Fashion Hijab Wrap Style

New Fall 2008 Hijab Wrap Style:
Our Fall Hijab Style is made with a regular shayla and our NEW Accessory Shayla - a stiff chiffon sheer oblong scarf used to dress up any scarf or wrap style. This fashion is worn most often in Egypt and is all the rage for weddings, parties and celebrations. This style is ultra chic and modern. Enjoy :)

What you need: 1 shayla hijab, 1 Chiffon Accessory Shayla (found in our Accessories section), an al amira hood or neck cover, and LOTS of hijab stright pins ( found in our hijab pins section).

Step one: Tie your hair in a bun at the nape of your neck.

Step two: Put on the neck cover or al amira hood to ensure neck and chest coverage*. Note: An al amira hood, or neck cover will not fully cover your bust. You'll need something else in addition to it.

Step three: Place the regular shayla hijab in the middle on top of your head. Bring the two end pieces together evenly in the back and tie beneath your bun.

Step Four: Take the Ciffon Accessory Shayla and place it in the middle of your head, one inch or so behind the regular shayla. Makes sure both ends are even and tie beneath your bun, also beneath the reglular shayla's knot (instead of on top of it.)

Step Five: Take the right end of the regular shayla and bring it up around the middle of the top of your head and around to the left ear. Tie it once to the left end of the regular shayla.

Step Six: Take the right end of the Chiffon Accessory Shayla and bring it up and around the top of your head behind of the wrapped end of the regular shayla. Make sure both pieces (the accessory shayla and the regular shayla) lay as flat as possible against your head. Use straight pins to secure if necessary.

Step Seven: Tie the end of the Chiffon Accessory Shayla to the corresponding opposite end. There will be very room for the tie. Tuck it in beind the wrapped regular shayla and secure with stright pins.

Step Eight: Take the free end of the Chiffon Accessory Shayla and scrunch a small portion of it up near your ear and pin with a straight pin. Keep doing this until you have used up the entire piece. The look to shoot for is a sort of "messy flower." You'll need LOTS of straight pins of this.

Step Nine: Lastly, bring the free end of the regular shayla up and pin in to the side of your wrap so that it drapes as shown in the picture. Another style option is to scrunch it up behind the accessory shayla. Done!


  1. I have been looking for months for those sheer chiffon and mesh accessory shaylas that they use. Im so glad i finally found you! thanks.

  2. As-salaamu-alaikum,
    What a beautiful style! I want one of your hijabs! Please tell me how to order. I'm adding you to my blog now.

  3. Soooooooooo cute! Keep them coming :)

  4. i really like these styles they wear in eygpt plz can u tell me some more styles or any websites thnx u xx


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