Embrace your reality: Make Dua to Allah swt now Insha Allah

A gentle reminder that Allah swt, our Most Merciful Creator, loves us more than our own mothers. He (swt ) has more compassion for us than our mothers and offers the opportunity of open ended forgiveness to those who seek it! He (swt) is the Best of Helpers, the Comforter, the Sustainer and our Redeemer. 

We all have realities that we would rather avoid facing, but running away from our problems won't make them go away. 

Embrace with patience what ever you are struggling with in your life! Face it head on by taking your grief, your stress, your fears and anxieties, your pain - and placing it all in the Merciful hands of our Creator (swt). Take your realities to Allah swt, for He (swt) is always ready to hear the prayers of His ( swt ) servants, and Insha Allah grant forgiveness of sin, and comfort for those facing trials. 

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