Rader Farms Fresh Fusion Smoothie Mix Review

I've been blending green smoothies at home for several years now. I was looking for any way to incorporate more green veges into my diet without feeling like a 7 year old with my mom admonishing me for not finishing your vegetables at dinner! ;)

When Influenster offered me a chance to try Rader Farms Fresh Fusion Smoothie Mixes, I thought it would be a fun way to mix up my morning smoothie routine.

HijabiStyle's Take: I tried the Daily Power Fusion blend that provides 2 grams of protein. It was AWESOME!!! Im hypoglycemic, and have to keep a careful glucose/protein balance so I don't get dizzy or tired. This is the perfect way for me to start my mornings giving me both a quick burst of energy AND the protein I need to carry me through the morning. I was a little skeptical about broccoli in a smoothie - but was quickly proved wrong. In addition to the premixed package fruits and veges, ive been adding frozen spinach, orange juice and pomegranate juice. Its incredibly addictive! I cant recommend Rader Farms Fresh Fusions enough!

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. :) <3>

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