Multi Way Asymmetrical Abayas - unique style, chic fashion forward look!

Asymmetrical Abayas

Price: $89.95

Colors: blue, navy and lilac

Asymmetrical abayas - mysterious, amazingly tender and charming dress Fabulous asymmetry revive memories of the wonderful stories and fairy princesses . It is not created for work, but for love , slow movement and enjoyment of every second of life and gratitude for every breath bestowed by God . Can be worn with or without a belt( not included.) Abaya is very roomy. Abaya is quite long, perfect for ladies 5'6'' - 5'9'' . If you are 5'5" or shorter, we suggest wearing this with heels. Please note: the color of abaya is slightly darker than in picture. 

To order: message us of facebook or email hijabistyle4@gmail.com! 


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