#HelloKeurig - Keurig 2.0 Review :)

This is the much talked about Keurig 2.0. It can brew the traditional single cups that the system is known for, but the big new twist is that it can also now adjust to a carafe and brew up to 5 cups at once!!! 
As soon as I tried the original single cup Keurig system, the only thing that I thought might improve it is a multi cup brewing option - enter Keurig 2.0! 
It's very easy to use, you can customize the display, language, even set a morning brew time - the perfect wake up alarm in my opinion! :)

I'm addicted to the French Vanilla and Hazelnut coffee flavors! I can easily down the entire carafe before noon! It's a wonderful addition to the Keurig family and perfect for entertaining. 

I give this a 5/5! It's a great investment. Highly recommended! :)

Last, I'd like to mention that I received this free courtesy of Influenster.com for the purposes of review. These opinions are mine. :) thanks to Influenster and Keurig for introducing me to the next level of Keurig brewing!!!! :)

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