Khaleeji Volume Hijab Accessories - Ramadan 2013

The new Khaleeji HijabiCap Poofs are a revolutionary design - the caps flatters the shape of the head by rounding out the hijab in the back. Attached to the back of the cap is a large spiral flower of tulle (light-weight fine netting) fabric when covered with a hijab makes the back look naturally rounder and and fuller without looking like a hump. This really helps you style your hijabs in the trendy khaleeji way.
The full size cap is large enough to cover down to the earlobes and over the forehead. Hijab caps are made from polyester with a touch of spandex which is light, stretchy and comfortable. An elastic band at the back of the neck to gently hold the hijab cap in place. The headband has a thin padded foam insert to give a little lift off the forehead instead of sitting flat. The forehead area is beautifully accented with mini rhinestones.

Buy them here: Hijab Style Khaleeji HijabiCap Volume Poofs

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