Cute Hijab Style: Side Draped Hijab

I'm just crazy about this new look flying around the globe. The side drape hijab design is cute, casual yet feminine. This style is so versitle and can be adapted to a day or evening look. :)

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  1. Salam I love this style but have no idea who to do it :(

  2. can you tell us how to do this style??

  3. Beautiful style mA. Would love to see a tutorial on the style.

    For more hijabi fashions, please check out my blog at http://khadijashijab.blogspot.com/2011/04/mind-blowing-abayas.html

  4. i looov this styl cud u plz tel us hw 2 do it???

  5. As-Salamu `alaykum.
    Looking very nice, the style of this type of scarf is very cute. Hijab is compulsory for women and if a designer introduced this type of style then this thick motivate the women to wear Hijab.

  6. Really cute but plz tell us how 2 do it


Salaam All,

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