Beautiful New Turkish Hijab and Jilbab Styles from Kayra

Love these beautiful and modest hijab and jilbab styles by Kayra. The jilbabs are a little snug on the models, but im sure going one or two sizes up would give a perfect fit. Find their fashions here: Kayra


  1. Hi,

    Dear i like these designs of Abaya. The styles and color is very beautiful and decent. Thanks for sharing your these styles...
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  2. I have seen some people from Turkey in my country and was inspired by their hijab style. Your above items are resembling them.

  3. i love these abayas and i wanna know where to buys these . i've been searching for them for the past 8 to 9 months . can u plz tell me where to buy these

  4. i so love theese pleease tell me where i can buy these


Salaam All,

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