Win a Free Hijab Contest Details Up - Enter Now!

As previously mentioned on Hijabi Style, we are reviving our Win a Free Hijab Contest - just in time for Eid Ul Adha :)

The contest rules are simple:

1. RSVP to this event on Facebook.

2. Join Hijabi Style Al Muhajaba El Aniqa Hijab Blog Facebook Group.

3. Answer the Hijabi Style Question on the Blog by posting your response on the event wall.

thats it! you'll be entered to win a free hijab. the winner will be notified via facebook so please be sure that it is possible for me to message you if you win!

The Question is: Tell us about your favorite hijab style and why you like to sport it.

have fun ladies :)

Cover with Faith, Style and Modesty!



  1. sounds like fun! im in :)

    i can always use another cute scarf!

  2. my favorite look is the wrap scarf tied to one side!

    oops. im supposed to enter on facebook.


  3. no prob amina - just post in on the "win a free hijab" event wall after joining the hijabi style blog group.

    thats all you have to do!

    good luck all!

  4. wow i love the wrap in the video! so pretty :) if i dont have a facebook accout can i post my response to the hijab contest here instead??


  5. Salaam Assia!

    For those of you who dont have a facebook account, you may post your hijab contest response here. please include an email so we can contact you if you win.


  6. Salaam,

    my favorite style any kind of square scarf wrap. the turkish ones are my favorite. especially the dressy ones with satin!


  7. salaam

    my favorite hijab style is the hijabicap. they are soo quick to wear and are really pretty. its a moms best freind.

    my email is: melidanana3@yahoo.com

  8. love the new layout~ :)

  9. my fav hijab style is any Egyptian one!



Salaam All,

Please feel free to let us know what you think. Add your ideas about hijab styles, scarf tieing suggestions and life as Al Muhajaba El Aniqa (the one who wears hijab with pride and style)!