New Hijabicap Style and Old Fav's

Im back from another shopping spree. Getting ready for the fall and winter involves revamping and updating my wardrobe. I love adding new pieces and mixing and matching new styles with old favorites. Speaking of new styles, check out these cute new Spanish Rose Hijabicap styles! I just love them! These caps come with hijabs and neck covers already assembled into one piece. So easy to wear and great for fall weather - keeps your ears warmer :) I also listed two of my old standby favs that are back. If you're a busy mom like me, and dont always have time to make an ornate hijab fashion wrap...these are a great alternative.

Aqua Spanish Hijabicap (top), Black Spanish Hijabicap, Ocean Hijabicap, Black Floral Sprig Hijabicap (bottom)


  1. Asalamu aleykom,
    How can i purchase for that spanish hijab cap?
    Jzakallah khayr

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Salaam All,

Please feel free to let us know what you think. Add your ideas about hijab styles, scarf tieing suggestions and life as Al Muhajaba El Aniqa (the one who wears hijab with pride and style)!