Makeup Adikt's Awesome Hijab Tutorial

I love this Sister's hijab! Its absolutely gorgeous. Her style is fresh and trendy. LOVE IT!. Makeup Adikt runs a Youtube channel where she teaches makeup techniques. Lucky for us, she did a hijab tutorial to show everyone out there how she wraps her trendy styles. Enjoy.

want her hijab? I know you do!:)I got 2, one in pink and one in black.

buy it here.

Cover with Faith, Style and Modesty!



  1. Salaam sis!

    I love her channel! I watch her videos all the time and she is so sweet mashAllah. I hope that she does more hijab videos in the future.



  2. Her hijab is soooooooooo cute. thanks for the link. My friends are gonna love em!

  3. defi one of my fav hijab right now! :)

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Salaam All,

Please feel free to let us know what you think. Add your ideas about hijab styles, scarf tieing suggestions and life as Al Muhajaba El Aniqa (the one who wears hijab with pride and style)!