How to Wear Hijab: Khaliji/Gulf Style Tutorial

If you've been wondering how to create that chic, draped khaliji/gulf hijab look,the lovely ladies from the Ilovehishma blog have made a great tutorial to show you how! This style is very romantic, yet modest. It works great with long flowy caftans and abayas. Think: Masjid events! :) Enjoy!

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Cover with Faith, Style and Modesty!



  1. wow thanks! ive wondered how they do that! and this one is really easy to follow...and its in english :)

  2. this is a nice tutorial. thanks for posting it. :)

    Im glad you're not one of those hijab fashion bloggers who refuses to post good things done by others. I love that you keep the Sisterhood going :)

    thanks for all you do.

  3. this is sooo helpful. :) and thanks for posting the blog where you found it! much appriciated :)

  4. Oh, Jezek Allah Khair! Its very nice of you :)...just sharing the fashion wealth :)


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