How to wear hijab : Turban Style Wrap with a Twist

It took me while to get this one together, but here it is! I love what i call the turban veil wraps. This style draws attention up above the eye line, instead of drawing the face down. Sort of an instant eye lift! Anyhow, this is a "twist" on the traditional turban style. This can be augmented to meet the conditions for hijab, and to cover the bust. Enjoy.

*please read our hijab fashion disclaimer at the top right of the blog as this style may not meet the conditions for hijab as is. thanks!

Want the hijab you see in this design?

Bellissima Hijab

Black Nadia Hijab

Cover with Faith, Style and Modesty!


  1. Wow!!! So chic. Ive wanted to learn the turban wrap for a while, thanks very much! I like that i can cover my chest with this one too!


  2. Thats really cute! thanks for posting!

    Make more soon please !



Salaam All,

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