Hijabi Style File: Shirt-Dresses over Pants

Looking for a more laid back look? Consider wearing a flowy tunic-dress over wide-pants. Chic a very comfortable, these styles can be dressed up with trousers and a satin scarf, or dressed down with jeans and a thready hijab. Cool and modest style. :)

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*These styles may not meet the conditions for hijab in public. Please see our hijab fashion disclaimer at the top right of the blog.

Cover with Faith, Style and Modesty!



  1. These shirts are beautiful!!! I would do anything to find designs like these in America. Anyone know any websites that I can get shirts similar to these?


  2. Salaam..these looks are sooo nice. Alhamdulillah, my dresses have been getting longer and longer recently, and these outfits look really nice, so I think I might try a few.

    Thanks =)

  3. Assalamu alaikom,
    I've never looked at a fashion spread and wanted every look until just now. Those tops are so beautiful!


Salaam All,

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