Abaya Fashion: Bright Bedouin Glamor

Here is a collection of pretty, bedouin-inspired abaya designs. I love the way they incorporated traditional styles and accessories with modern abaya fashion!

Cover with Faith, Style and Modesty!


  1. masyaallah ! all of the abayas are gorgeous.!

  2. Salam
    Mashallah these abayas are beautiful. My question is How Do I Get One?!!

  3. salam ladies, i have just started making these abayas if anyone is interested drop me an email at:
    angeliquezakir at a certain yahoo dot co dot uk and i will tell you what price all abayas are custom made.

    masalam alaikum

  4. These Abayas are really beautiful. Masha Allah ... specially light green one.


Salaam All,

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