Reham Farouq - Hijab Fashion Designs

Take a spin around the abaya fashion block in one of Reham Farouk's beautiful designs! Some are just fashion pics, but i love the modest, yet feminine styles and fabric choices!

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  1. absolutely gorgeous! I like the brown abaya with the coin-like sequence snaking down the front!

  2. Hi, my wife really is crazy about this kind of fashion or in general about abayas and hijabs, we recently got married, my wife is from russia and im currently working in the UK< she asked me to find for her nice stuff liek these, if anyone couldrefer me how to buy these kind of clotehs or in general nice abayas and hijab i really would appreciate for the help thank you, my e-mail address s ak105_black@hotmail.com

  3. Salaam,
    I get alot of the fashion hijab pics from egyptian fashions magazines.

    www.deserttstore.com has great abayas

    so does http://www.al-anwarfashion.com/catalog/

    and http://www.aabuk.com/index.php

    with regard to tunics and pants : www.shukronline.com is great.

    Pretty egyptian hijabs can be found here:



  4. merci de nous communiquer le site web de cette talentueuse styliste.

    C'est de très belles collections et personnellement je suis interessée d'en savoir plus sur elle et ou est ce qu'on peut trouver ses créations ou encore la contacter.

    Merci de répondre à mon message


  5. salam
    have the a website how a can by the dress

  6. As'salaamu Alaikum sister,

    i absolutely love these designs, some of the plainer ones are good for everyday wear minus make up, jewellery etc like the maroon and brown as chest will be covered anyway so wont really be able to see all the flashy-ness, please can you tell me where i can buy these from as i only have 2 jilbabs and need more, it's hard to find a jilbab which is both simple yet stylish and meets with islamic law.

    Jazakallah Khair

    Umm saarah

  7. salam

    imreally desparte in this abayas i love them..and want to buy themplz..tellmewere i can do that ....my hotmail. is muslimehya@hotmail.com


Salaam All,

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