Red Khaliji Abaya Fashion Styles

Arn't Khaliji designs so ornate and gorgeous? You just feel like a queen wearing one of their abayas or caftans because they are so regal and elegant. I love busting these out for dinners and family get-togethers. Enough said. So this is my little meditation on red abayas/caftans :)

Cover with Faith, Style and Modesty!


  1. gorgeous abayas...its very very hard to find like these in my country .

  2. I love it where can i buy this style of abbaya, i live in the states.

  3. Salaamu 3alaykum, gorgeous khaliji 'abayah's mashallah. The styles are sooo different and classic. i will not rest until i have some for myself! can you please tell me whether these can be purchased? are they for sale by any chance? It is exaclty what i have been looking for, for a very long time!


Salaam All,

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