Meeting the Criteria for Hijab

Lets be honest, not everything posted on hijab fashion sites or sold in stores meets the criteria for hijab, right? These two pics above illustrate my point. Super cute for sure, but more appropriate for ladies functions or family gatherings. Not all hijab fashion designs may work. But never fear, there is a place and time for every cute wrap - and don't ladies appreciate those designs the most anyway??? :)

Some people think that hijab automatically means wearing all black - and it may in certain parts of the world where women wear all black in public. Wearing anything else would stand out like a sore thumb and attract unnecessary attention.

I LOVE black, its elegant, classy and very striking. An abaya with a scarf is soooooo beautiful! I LOVE abayas. I also love wide-leg pants, pashminas, skirts, jilbabs, caftans, knee length tunics, modest suits etc....There are tons of ways to meet the criteria for hijab! Be creative! Not everything cute will pass the "demure test". But you'll feel better about yourself for choosing to be modest and obey your Creator.

Be honest with yourself before you leave the house. Is this really appropriate? Why am i wearing this? Does what i have on attract a lot of attention? Am i dressing to please someone else? What is my intention?

Hijab is also an attitude, a modesty in behavior. How we behave says a lot about who we are, and how much we value ourselves. Be a proud, confident woman! Hold your head up. Treat yourself with respect inside and out, and others will respect you for it!

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