How to Wear the Basic Turkish Hijab Style

Have you wondered just how the Turkish hijab style is done? Here's a great video tutorial!

What you'll need:

- a square scarf - satin, chiffon, print....whatever style/design you like
- an underscarf - the most popular is the satin style, but any kind will work
- straight pins
- hijab broach
- a hijab shaper - this is optional


  1. thanks so much for posting this. i was wondering how they got so much length in the back from smaller scarves.

  2. this one is by far the easiest to follow...although i dont speak Turkish. I like that the camera actually zooms in, and the designer stands away so that you can see what she's doing!


  3. i agree :) ...this is the best one that ive found so far...and the most authentic.

    i wasnt sure how they were holding the "peak" of the hijab in place...especially with satin material since its so slippery.

    this designer does a complete series that i want to post.


  4. i think that the turkish hijab style is beyond beautiful...im only sixteen and its been one year wearing the hijab...after i have watched these videos ive been practicing on myself.

  5. Masha Allah! I am soooooooooo happy for you. Hagibti Bravo Alaiki!


Salaam All,

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