Henna 101 - How to design and apply basic patterns

A growing trend in the US among young people is henna/mehandi designs for Eids, parties, weddings, and many other occasions and events. This form of body art has been practiced for centuries through out the Muslim world. It is an inexpensive and fun, feminine form of beautification. Henna is a temporary "tattoo" that wears off in 1-3 weeks. A great alternative to permanent tattoos. :)

Many sites now offer tips, how-to's and sample supplies free or nearly free of charge! Try out different tools, henna, and accessories without breaking the bank.

Have a Henna Day Party with your friends!

Free or Nearly Free Sample Products

Free How To Design Henna Book

*images found here: http://www.ndtv.com, www.yemen-explorers.com/gloves.htm

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  1. thanks for posting this. I really like the book. it offers so many tips and tricks for how to apply henna...and all the designs!!! Keep it coming!


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