Laila Chiffon Hijabicap

Beautiful double layer chiffon beaded hijabicap. This hijabicap has two layers of chiffon sewn together at the top to create this unique look. Has light foam padding and beading on the brim. A fresh new look for summer! Comes in bright new summer colors. Also makes a lovely fancy underscarf!http://www.almuhajabaelaniqa.com/lime-laila-hijabicap.html

How to tie this Hijab:
Our Summer Hijab Style is a Hijabicap/pre-folded triangle hijab style. This style is easy to wear, light and breezy, and perfect for warm summer nights! A chic and unique look. Can be worn alone, or as an underscarf.

Step one: Tie your hair in a bun at the nape of your neck.
Step two: Put on the neck cover or al amira hood to ensure neck and chest coverage*. Note: An al amira hood, or neck cover will not fully cover your bust. You'll need something else in addition to it.
Step three: Drape the Laila Hijabicap on top of your head. Tie or pin the two long end pieces at the nape of your neck just below your bun.
Step four: Wrap the Hijabicap neckpieces around your neck and pin with broaches. Then tuck the back pieces up under your bun. Second style option: leave the back tail piece down and the neck pieces free to rest on your shoulders as shown in the picture. Done!


  1. i love this style!! Very chic.

  2. Very helpful -- I appreciate your blog! Keep up the good work!


Salaam All,

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